halibut aquafarm :: 작성일 : 11.08.16   조회 : 2597
We made a discussion over the feed additives for the cultivation of functional fish in halibut aquafarm in Jeju Island.By utilizing feed additives, high freshness of fi... more
silkworm plantation :: 작성일 : 11.08.16   조회 : 2452
with Hwasun governor in weekend plantation more

Shenyang Korea Good Products Show Opening


Promotion campaign for the reliever of hangover


Visited Yunnan Province as investment trade mission


Participation in Guangzhou Exhibition

Participation in Zhangchun Exhibition in China


Exhibition Hall of China in Yiwu


Salt production


Visit the Governor of Jeonnam

Korea Good Products Show in Yanbian, Jilin Province, China


Hyper-mineral citrus orchards


Good Product Exposition Shenyang, China


Jeonnam Patent Product Exhibition

Doing Business with the Department of Animal Science, Sunchon National University


Strawberry patch


Green plums grown


하이퍼 미네랄 농법 사과밭

게르마늄 돈육 판매장



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