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About Company
The 21st century society values quality over quantity. This means that healthy food with great taste is more popular than just large quantity. The most highly emphasized is the environmental problem, thus the popularity of organic agricultural products despite the higher prices.

For the past 10 years, we have been developing agricultural and livestock products using hyper minerals through research and development. Now, we have founded Korea Germanium Co., Ltd. in order to produce various farm products using hyper minerals, to contribute to the local economy, and to share the superior effects of hyper minerals to the whole nation
Company philosophy
Respect for man's life and dignity
  • First and foremost value of consumer health through the supply of safe food items
  • The truth is the best sales strategy Healthy society
  • Contribution to healthy life and improvement of the quality of life: Creation of an environmentally friendly society
  • Contribution to the realization of welfare society by giving back to society the corporate profits

Creation of Management legend
  • Direct transaction between producer and consumer through the distribution structure improvement of farm produce and livestock products
  • Establishment of an open structure where the producer, distributor, processor, and consumer can all participate in the management
  • Consolidation of international competitiveness of farm produce and livestock products

  • Jeollanam-do Techno Park selected company for move in
  • Industry-university collaboration with Sunchon National University College of Agricultural Bio Industry Sciences Sunchon National University College of Agricultural Bio Industry Science Department of Animal Resource
  • Claytech Director Professor Cho, Jae-ho, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology appointed University Enterprise Jeollanam-do Provincial University
  • Korea Greenhouse Crop Research Laboratory, Environmentally-Friendly Architecture Research Laboratory
  • Manna Foods Co., Ltd., G Medi Co., Ltd. (High tech medical apparatus)
  • Arirang Foods Co., Cheonjisan Ginseng Farm Corporation
Patent no. 035244 Patent no. 10-08644097 utility model registration no. 0325674
service registration no. 0074384 trademark (no. 40-070487) trademark (no. 45-0020115)
Hyper Mineral
[Outcome report of Naju pear by Professor Kim, Byeong-mu of Sunchon National University College of Life Science and Natural Resource]
Cultivation of hyper mineral pears
Korea Germanium Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim, Shin-ik) which advocates green cycle farming, has experimented on all farm produce and livestock such as rice, pear, radish, cabbage, hog, etc., through the application of the fact that organic hyper mineral will not stay inside the body and be excreted.

With the foundation of the above research, on June 10, 2003, hyper minerals have been sprayed in the 264,000m2 of pear orchard intheamount of 20kg/330m2. OnAug. 16,component analysis was commissioned to KIST, with there sult of 30ppb of GE component detection and the sugar content of 13.7degrees.

Geumcheon Agricultural Cooperative has entered 200 boxes (7.5kg each, 7 fruits) in the Seoul Health Food Expo during October 15 - 17 of 2003, and sold each box for KRW 50,000. On December 15, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation has selected Geumcheon Agricultural Cooperative's hyper mineral pear as the "Hit Farm Product of 2004" which can contribute to the increase in agricultural products and improve rural household income.
Characteristics of hyper mineral pear
Hyper mineral ingredients condense beneficial bacteria on crop to improve absorption of nutrients through the roots, and for the tree to grow strong and promote fruit growth. Especially, when used for pear growth, the fruit and skin of pear becomes heavy and hard, with heightened sweetness with larger sized fruit.

When the soil was examined after being sprayed with hyper mineral, diseases diminished while the number of worms, microorganisms, and moles increased, making 7times of pesticide spray enough when compared to the 15 times before the hyper mineral treatment.

Also, fruit wounded by magpies showed creation of natural film for prevention of decomposition. Hardened fruit makes longer storage possible, and no softening appeared in the pulp. Pears showed no browning even after 40 hours of peeling.

Hyper mineral pear harvest was 3,200 boxes (about 20 fruits in 80% of the boxes) in 21,450m2 of land, and the income is expected to be around KRW 110,000,000. When compared to other farms with identical land size, the earnings are about twice as much. Most of the breed is shingo(sugar content around13.5) but geumcheonhu(sugar content around16.0) and jangsimnyang are also being grown. Last year, they were sold through garden trading, but this year, direct sales resulted in prices of KRW1,400, about 56% increase in the price.
[Quality improvement effect and productivity improvement of environmentally friendly lettuce]
Verification of the effect of H-M treatment on the growth and quantity of produce
Investigation of number of leaves and chlorophyll content with elapsed time
Figure 2 is the graph of the coefficient of the number of leaves over the 3rd week and the 5th week, shown to observe the chang in growth over time. On the 3rd week, the control group showed 7.25 leaves while the H-M treated group showed 7.75 leaves, as lightly higher number. After 5weeks, the number of leaves in the control group and the H-M treated group showed 13.3 and 14.1, respectively, a gradual increase in the number. The content of chlorophyll is shown in figures 4 and 5, after 3weeks and 5weeks of observation. On the 3rd week, the control group showed 2.80 and the H-M treated group showed 2.82, which is nearly identical, and after 5weeks, the numbers increased to 2.83 and 3.17, still showing a minor difference with in the margin of error.
Analysis of the growth characteristics and quantity of finally harvested lettuce
7 weeks after the mixture of H-M into soil and transplantation of the lettuce, the final analysis results are shown in table 2. The weight above ground showed 206g whereas the H-M treated plant weighed 301g, a 46% improvement in growth. The number of leaves was shown to be 18.5 and 21.3 in the control group and H-M treated group, respectively, a 15% increase.

Quality inspection of the final harvest of crop after the use of environmentally friendly organic materials
When the inorganic substance and the well known antioxidant vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content was analyzed in order to inspect the quality of lettuce, the control group showed 12.2mg/100g while the H-M treated group showed 13.8mg/100g, a 1.6mg/100g increase. This shows an improvement in the antioxidant functionality. However, almost no difference was observed between the control group and the H-M treated group in the analysis results of inorganic substances.
Investigation on the change of chemical characteristics of soil before and after the test
The result of the analysis of chemical characteristics of soil in the land before and after the test showed that there was almost no change when compared to the control group. There was no particular harm in the soil.

[Increased productivity and improved quality of environmentally friendly lettuce]
[Disease tolerance of pepper, high quality dry seedling growth effect]
[which will lead to a new agricultural revolution]
Delicious high quality meat production is possible by developing feed and raising livestock based on the fact that the GE component within hyper minerals will not remain in the body but be excreted. Through this farming method, muck containing GE can be spread onto soil to grow crops, which can protect the soil from the toxins of pesticides or heavy metal pollution, while preventing the acidification of soil and creating economical added value.
Characteristics of powder
  • Contains various types of minerals
  • Soil improvement will occur due to the activities of resident microflora
  • Roots or stems of crops will show full vitality
Effects of powder
  • Prevention of continuous cropping hazard
  • Minimizes crop falling caused by wind or rain, and strengthens against disease or insects, resulting in increased yield
  • Superior taste and smell of crop
  • Extension of storability of crops when compared to
normal crop
  • Harvest maturity is advanced and shows rich color
  • Prevention of fruit drops
Fertilization method
  • Fertilize all levels of earth (once a year)
  • Adjust the quantity depending on the properties of soil
Amount and effects, for each crop
Type of crop Qty Effect
Water crop Rice, barley,wheat, etc. Fertilize soil, 20kg per 330m2
  • Prevention of crop falling
  • Increase in effective division
  • Improvement of absorption
  • Increase in harvest
  • Soil improvement
Special garden products Pepper, cucumber, onion, tomato, zucchini, radish, cabbage, etc. Fertilize soil, 20kg per 330m2
  • Improvement of continuous cropping hazard
  • Improvement of storability and taste
  • Improvement of salt injury
  • Maintenance of freshness for long periods
  • Diminished fruit drop
Flowers Rose, chrysanthemum, etc. Fertilize soil, 20kg per 330m2
  • Improvement of continuous cropping hazard
  • Improvement of storability and taste
  • Improvement of salt injury
  • Maintenance of freshness for long periods
  • Distinct color
Fruit Pear, peach, apple, grape, persimmon, Japanese apricot, kiwi, citron, tangerine, etc. Fertilize soil, 20kg per 330m2
  • Increase in harvest
  • Good color
  • Increase in sweetness
  • Acceleration of ripening
  • Diminished fruit drop